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Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation or hepatic transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with some or all of a healthy liverfrom another person (allograft).

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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant or Renal Transplant is a procedure in which a person with completely failed kidneys will receive a kidney from a healthy person who has


Liver Transplant

liver transplant






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When I was first diagnosed with this Liver Cirrhosis... I Became terrified that this may be a cureless disease. Afterwards when I was told that a Liver Transplant was its cure... I was even more terrified of the surgery. However when I reached the Apollo Hospital, all my terrors were shunned away. Dr. Subhash spoke with a confident conviction and unmatched friendliness. And so he proved his remarkable skills in my surgery which was a rare and complicated one compared to other Liver Transplants. The nursing staff would do just like my mother would do. I think my liver transplant journey wouldn't have been so smooth and comfortable if it had not been from Apollo Hospital. Today I am a fit girl and can never thank Allah and then Apollo Hospital enough.

Fariha UsmanLiver Recipient

Hi, My name is Taimur Sarfaraz and I have donated my liver to my younger sister. It feels great to see her Happy and Healthy now Alhamdulillah. As she was suffering from Budd-Chiari Syndrome her Portal vein was blocked and her liver got cirrhotic. She is doing fine now. After God I am thankful to Dr.Subhash Gupta and his team for making it possible. Even the staff, they were very caring. Apollo Hospital is one of the best hospitals around the globe and I can say this for sure as my experience was good there. I recommend Dr.Subhash Gupta for LIver Transplantation. He's simply the best.

Taimur SarfarazTaimur SarfarazLiver Donor

A few years back I was daignosed with a serious illness, which many of the doctors here thought couldnt be cured. My family and I was quite perturbed, yet we didn't lose hope. We were quite inqusitive to find a proper cure to eradicate my illness. Fortunately we came across Dr Subhash Gupta, one of the most renowned liver specialist. We instinctively turned towards him, He came up with a solution which was to have a transplant. It did give me a few goosebums, however looking at his record, My family and I were much satisfied. The surgery was done very smoothly, all thanks to Dr Subhash Gupta and his team who relentlessly worked towards giving me an impeccable health. Healthy and fit, I wake up every morning, wondering it was once impossible to live my life this way.

Sadia Liver Recipient