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Help4cure About Us
Who are we? We are ordinary individuals like you who have had to go through the same situation in which you are today. Unfortunately my daughter was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis about 5 years ago. The news struck as a big catastrophe to us emotionally. We wanted to avoid the transplant as we had thought that it had its own implications. We tried different modes of treatment like Herbal medicine, Aloepathic medicine and Homeopathy. However it was all in vain. After we found zero benefit from all these methods of treatment, we resorted to the conclusive decision of a ‘liver transplant’. With a heavy heart, we decided on getting the transplant done and chose my son as the donor.  From here, our journey begun :
  • We all (Me, my wife, son and daughter) all went to Islamabad as previously we had decided to get the transplant done from there.
  • However upon reaching Islamabad we got a delayed date of our transplant. During the days we had in hand, we met with one of our acquaintances, who was a doctor himself. He was suffering from Hepatitis C and was pondering over the option of ‘Liver Transplant’ himself. He told us that He would go to India for the transplant as the post Operative care in Islamabad was not up to mark. He further explained us that good post operative care is crucially important for the patient as the Recipient has to take immunosuppressants for life after the transplant. This compromises the immunity of the recipient majorly.
  • Moreover we realized that India had far more experience than Islamabad in Liver Transplants. My daughter’s case was of BuddChiari Syndrome. It was a complicated case thus needed an extra ordinary level of expertise, skill and experience.
  • We thoroughly researched all places for transplant namely USA, Uk, China, India and Pakistan. We contemplated all the options on the basis of skill, expertise, experience,cost and level of Post Operative care.
  • After brainstorming for quite some time, we concluded that India was the ‘winner’ option as it gave us the best value for money and was good in all the aspects that we had taken into consideration.
  • Upon contemplating our optionof ‘India’as the place for transplant, we came across different transplant surgeons. We not only scrutinized our research on the basis of no. of transplants done by each Surgeon but also analysed the skill and expertise of each of them. We did this by researching how many BuddChiari cases and other complicated each Surgeon had done. On enquiring this from Dr.Subash’s team, we got the contact no. of a girl who had the same problem as my daughter( BuddChiari Syndrome). This girl had got her transplant done by Dr Subash. We talked to her on call and our hearts became pacified by her satisfaction regarding the hospital, Transplant Team and nursing. This encouraged us to finalise our decision of getting the transplant done from India.
  • When we reached India, we had thought that we would be given a transplant date in no time as our donor had already been approved and selected. However, Dr.Subash explained us that my daughter had this BuddChiari problem due to Blood clotting. He explained that if my son had the sme problem, he could not be considered ‘fit’ to donate. This is why he penned down some additional tests which were not part of the usual routine Donor Assessment. Surprisingly my son failed those tests and was disapproved of donating his liver.
  • At that point, our world had gone topsey turvey. We didn’t know what to do. That time was really the toughest time in our entire transplant journey.
  • Helpless as we were, my wife and I gave up ourselves for Donor evaluation but we both failed to qualify the tests and thus, were rejected. This extended our time by a further 3 and half months.
  • At this stage we were totally agonized. We didn’t know what to do. Even Dr. Subhash was worried for us. As he never wants his patients to go without cure he kept on pondering for a solution. As a last resort he suggested Vitamin K injections for my son. He told us that if my son’s Protein deficiencies are counteracted by these injections, he could be taken as Donor. My son got 7 Vitamin K injections and miraculously his Protein levels came upto mark. Finally he got approved as a Donor and soon after the transplant was done. Today both, my son and daughter are fit.
In our journey, we had to confront a lot of problems such as Visa issue, Accommodation problem in India, carrying such a huge amount of money and the exorbitant cost of the entire procedure and its associated tests and scans. From our experience we have learned a lot about how these things can be made easy. We pondered over the enumerable people who travel from Pakistan for this major operation. We really wanted to ease the process for all such people (Patients and their family). Thus help4cure International has come into existence. Its existence is based on the primary objective of facilitating your entire journey so that you don’t have to go through the hassle we had to go through.